Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Best Walk Awards - 2010

For the second year running I hand out awards (of the purely ceremonial kind) to my favourite walks of the year, in three categories.


Although there wasn’t any real stand out candidates in this category, my choice is one from back in sunny August (remember the Sun), which was: Chesham to Wendover – (Buckinghamshire) – 22/08/10 – 10.2 Miles – IVC
This was a scenic walk done at a good pace, with a very challenging descent to finish.


Staying in August again, there is a clear winner here with Chequers / Coombe Hill (Circulars) – (Buckinghamshire) – 05/08/10 – 10 Miles – Myself
This being a walk where I felt a real sense of achievement, having completed the set walk which me and Helen had initially failed to do back in June. Mind you my newly purchased GPS had rather a lot to do with that.


So many honourable mentions here including: My Leith Hill walk in February, our Parwich Circular adventure back in March, and our walk over The Roaches in July. In fact the more I look, pretty much every walk I have done with Helen has been memorable for one reason or another. Therefore I better not turn this into a long list of runners up, but instead I will go straight to the winner which is: Lulworth Cove (Circular) – (Dorset) – 12/07/10 – 10 Miles – Helen (Luther and Molly)
A perfect walk on our holiday’s and you should all know by now, how much I love coastal walks.

Other Highlights: Purchasing my GPS (and learning to use it of course), the potential of which I have only just scratched the surface of.

Other Lowlights: The Snow, and particularly the Ice, that has bookended 2010 and which has forced me to miss out on many walking opportunities.

Walks since last blog entry:

1 x 7 mile – Osterley Park/Grand Union.
1 x 7 mile – Grand Union/Osterley Park.

2 x 6.5 mile (run)/walks – Grand Union/Osterley Park.

1 x 7.75 mile walk – Osterley Park/Grand Union (Helen).
1 x 2 mile – Osterley Park (Frozen ice)