Friday, 20 September 2013

The Roaches - (Circular) - Staffordshire - 18/09/13 - Helen (Molly)

After a little confusion at the start over how we got onto the ridge, and after Molly found herself being harassed by a Biscuit (small dog), we eventually found ourselves on top (so to speak). This being the second time we had been around these parts, and as before there was the usual smattering of school parties and climbing sorts at the beginning.
Once we were on top of the ridge however we pretty much had it to ourselves, save for keeping an eye out for the occasional sheep, that could lead Molly astray (see this weeks episode of Countryfile). Other than that the only issue was the biting wind and the periodic threat of rain. Thus this really is my sort of walking with views that are both bleak and magnificent. Once we had found a large rock to shelter behind we had our lunch (Salmon roll being the highlight) whilst I explained to Molly how Mini Cheddars are wasted on dogs.
Having come down the other end at 'Ridge End' we then set off for our furthest point on the way out which was the Hanging Stone. Oh did I forget to mention that we were using one of those Country Walking route cut outs again, which up to this point had been easy to follow. Thus things started to get a little more confused, over which signs we were meant to follow and, on more than one occasion, whether we had actually reached the Hanging Stone or not. In the event we hadn't leaving us to debate whether we should follow a route back that we had done on the previous occasion which would have taken us past Lud's Church.
We pressed on however, eventually reaching the Hanging Stone, by the route which we were actually meant to be departing it. No matter, as of more pressing concern was Helen's somewhat rash (in me and Molly's opinion) to climb to the top of it. Whilst my first instinct was to carry on without her, lest I get dragged into some dangerous (for me anyway) rescue attempt, I eventually had to reconsider given that she had the keys to the car.
Once Helen had come back down to Earth, and after some debate about direction once more, we carried on a track that was below the ridge. Eventually conflict broke out again over which route to follow, especially given the instructions wanted us to go along the road. By some miracle I prevailed, and we retraced our steps back over the ridge, before eventually finding the stepped path down to the car. So overall a brilliant walk, with the weather just staying this side of reasonable.
Walks Since Last Blog Entry: Chesterfield (Trans-Pennine Trail) Circular - (Derbyshire) - 16/09/13 - 10.8 Miles

Friday, 6 September 2013

Hope to Edale - (Derbyshire White Peak) - 05/09/13 - Helen (Molly)

Hang about didn't you do this one a few weeks a go I hear you ask ? Well yes, but this time I took the two ladies in my life along for their approval.
So after parking at Hope station we made our ascent towards the summit of Win Hill firstly negotiating some cows (that were a bit more confined last time) and a massive swarm of gigantic flying insects, that definitely weren't here last time. When we reached the summit and parked ourselves for lunch, they thankfully decided to keep their distance.
Unfortunately for Molly the preponderance of sheep throughout most of the walk, meant that she had to be on a lead for the majority of the time.
On our descent down to and along the Roman Road we noticed in the distance (on what I believe was Lose hill) something akin to a poor mans Stonehenge (see Picture). So if anyone knows what that is, please do enlighten us. Eventually we arrived at Hope Cross for another drinks break (all the while being monitored by a beady eyed sheep).
From there we descended down to Jaggers Clough, crossing the stream and up the path below Nether Moor. Out on to the road and taking a right at a riding centre, we passed through a series of fields and gates at Nether Ollerbrook, before finding our way in to Edale to catch the train back to Hope. Having just missed the hourly train, we parked ourselves in the next door Rambler pub, where the girl overcharged me for our drinks. Fortunately some of that money was reclaimed due to the low cost of travelling the one stop on Northern Rail back to Hope station.

Luther (rip)

Sadly Luther the big chocolate Labrador, passed away this week. Although he was Helen's dog, along with his sparring partner Molly he has for some years been a regular feature of this blog. Unfortunately old age (15) did start to catch up with him over the last couple of years. This meant he has been unable to come on any long walks with us, but instead stuck to his regular haunts and sniffs at the local park.
This picture of Luther in his prime was taken in 2009, somewhere in the Lake District.