Monday, 19 October 2015

Baslow Edge / Birchen Edge (circular) - Derbyshire - 17/10/15 - 6 Miles - Helen (Molly)

Gardom's Edge, where we discovered we only had one cup for the flask.
It's flying, it's at the Eaglestone, so I think you know what I am saying here.
The sky looked angry, but never turned on us.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bosherton / Govans Head (circular) - Pembrokeshire - 02/10/15 - 5 Miles - Helen (Molly)

A trip down to St Govans Chapel
St Govan's Head (most Westerly point in Pembrokeshire)
All is well with the world
As long as we stay on the right path, and don't accidentally detonate some of that military ordnance.
Soon back on the beach though.
Which lead on to Bosherton Lily Ponds.
Where they have thoughtfully provided a bridge
As well as a map.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Solva to Newgale - Pembrokeshire - 01/10/15 - 5.5 Miles - Helen (Molly)

Lots of boats to be found at Solva.
So where did that coastal path go ?
Found it.
The approach to Newgale beach.
Newgale beach welcomes both canines and wet suited swimmers

Monday, 5 October 2015

St Davids (coastal Path) Circular - Pembrokeshire - 29/09/15 - 7.5 Miles - Helen (Molly)

St David's Cathedral
Stepping stones.
Port Clais (or Porth Clais for the local spelling)
View from the other side.
The Pembrokeshire Coastal path winds on and on.
I just can't get enough.
We also met some wild ponies.
The redevelopment of St Justine's lifeboat station

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Nolton Haven to Broad Haven (and back) - Pembrokeshire - 27/09/15 - 7 Miles - Helen (Molly)

The beach at Nolton Haven
The coastal path (+ walker) in the foreground, with someone's home (not WW1 tank) in the background.
After being suitably fed at the Druidstone Inn, we eventually touched down at the dog partitioned side of the beach at Broad Haven.
Me on the Pembrokeshire coastal path (more such pictures to follow).