Monday, 27 May 2013

Grassmoor - Five Pits Trail Circular – (Derbyshire) – 25/05/13 – 6 Miles (approx)

Some walkers like to do different walks every time they go out and can't stand the idea of repeating themselves. I on the other hand like to build a small collection of walks to draw on, whenever I feel like just getting out of the door, minus all the maps and planning. Hence my old (and now lost forever): Grand Union Canal/Osterley Park circular, Putney to Osterley linear, and Richmond Park inner and outer loop circular. Well having done this walk myself four days prior, the next thing to do was to bring the other half along for her evaluation. Molly the black labrador was also on hand to give this walk the once over. The verdict being that it was quite acceptable as a walk, which on this occasion was enhanced by the sunny weather, and the double foodie stops to consume Tesco sarnies and my latest (Victoria) sponge cake creation. So overall a keeper in my book, with lots of scope to develop the basic spine of the walk with additional loops and diversions

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Grassmoor - Five Pits Trail Circular – (Derbyshire) – 21/05/13 – 6 Miles (approx)

Setting off from Grassmoor Country Park, my Five Pits Trail loop took me through: Williamthorpe nature reserve and Holmewood, before looping back on the Grassmoor branch, via a circular turn back at Timber Lane farm. The paths themselves were clear and physically undemanding. However being hemmed in by trees and bushes either side meant there was no real scenery or stunning vistas to look at. So basically a walk for a very hot day, when you want to be outdoors, but in the shade. WALKS SINCE LAST BLOG ENTRY: (1) Linacre extended circular - 4 Miles & (2) Beeley / Chatsworth Dambusters flypast circular - 3 miles.

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