Monday, 17 February 2014

Matlock Bath to Ambergate - (Derbyshire) - 16/02/14 - 7 Miles - Helen (Molly)

In this winter of wind and rain (but thankfully in these parts no floods), one had forgotten what a nice day actually looked like. So with the Sun out it seemed everyone (and their dogs) was eager to get out and stretch their legs. So having parked the car at Ambergate, we caught the train for the few stops to Matlock Bath to begin this linear walk.
Now Matlock Bath for those who don't know it, is a picture postcard biker town. This was evidenced by the impressive line up of trikes parked outside the station, but also the constant roaring along the A6, that accompanied our climb up Lovers Walk. There we could look over the cable cars on the Heights of Abraham, and look down at Gullivers World on the other.
Eventually we descended back down into Derwent Gardens, crossing the bridge over the river, and picking up the A6 (accompanied by a parade of bikers), until we reached the first of a series of Arkwright's Mills (Cromford in this case). So after a couple of false starts over where to eat, we eventually chose the café by the start of the canal. Unfortunately the four young girls in charge of it seemed a bit overwhelmed and said there would be a half hour wait for food. Also like the other nearby options, one was looking at tourist prices, so it was a case of settling for tea, coffee and cake.
From there it was a straightforward 5 mile stroll along the Cromford canal all the way back to Ambergate station (and as stated given the break in the weather we weren't the only ones with that idea). Along the way we passed High Peak Junction, whilst Molly had a game of chase and snarls with two dogs in particular, and a few others as well.