Monday, 12 November 2012

Chesterfield Trans-Pennine Trail (Circular) – (Derbyshire) – 11/11/12 – 9 Miles – Helen (+ Molly)

Regular readers of these scribblings will note there hasn’t been many entries of late. Well since the last major instalment I have acquired a bit of powered transport of the two wheeled variety, which has been the main focus for me during this period. Anyway I am now looking to concentrate once more on the two footed moving option. This particular walk I had created earlier in the year, the only admendment this time being to start it a little further along at the car park opposite Chesterfield’s Crooked Spire, and thus cut out most of the back alley first mile (and eventually back). However given that it was £4 for 5 hours on a Sunday, then that decision will have to be under review. Anyway a crisp and sunny Autumn day found us picking up the Trans-Pennine Trail from the back of the railway station and after a bit of road walking this took us through Tapton golf course. Once out of there and making our way through Tapton farm we passed by two gorgeous miniature ponies before beginning a climb up towards Brimington. Having planned an early lunch, we partook of this on a seat in some playing fields, before finding a footpath that eluded me last time, which would avoid having to follow the trail’s suggested route through a housing estate. Back on track and passing alongside Brimington Common, we then made our way along a sheltered but bright wooded section, and continued off the T.P. trail with a sharp left that followed Trough Brook, and eventually took us through the park and lake that is alongside Ringwood Hall hotel. . A small amount of road walking followed before we picked up the Chesterfield canal (which once again meant we were on the T.P. trail). Coffee, tea and cake followed at the perfectly sited cafĂ©, before continuing on the towpath for the 3.5 miles back to Chesterfield. The Sun was by then very low in the sky creating an incredible light as it shone through the trees, creating mirror like reflections on the water. However we had to keep a wary eye out for cyclists in case Molly got tangled up with them, and eventually for muggers, vandals and Pit Bulls on the arse end, last half mile to the station (lets hope the Waterside development improves this eyesore soon).