Monday, 4 February 2013

Froggat Edge Circular – (Derbyshire White Peak) – 02/02/13 – 6.14 Miles – Helen (Molly)

With the winter in full grip, we seem to becoming less and less adventurous of late with our walks, and this was another one we have done several times before. However in order to add a bit of variety we decided to do this in an anti-clockwise direction. Despite the cold winter sunshine, other people were also of the same mindset meaning we couldn’t get into the car park but had to park along the road instead. So one steep rocky climb, and we were up onto Froggat edge, but then made a right turn down to the full car park, in order to pick up Curbar Edge and then rejoin Froggat (anyone think this doesn’t make sense please correct me, as this is how Helen explained it). During the course of which I helped an elderly man back onto his feet (with his missus on the other side), after he had slipped on the mud (they eventually caught up with us again as we were having our lunch, before then retracing their steps). As clear and sunny as it was, the biting wind made sure you remembered what time of the year it was, whilst we continued along White Edge. So when we finally descended from that, we were grateful to find a wall to shelter behind to have our lunch. As well as the usual cobs etc., we all enjoyed (especially Molly) slices of my light, spongy, one day old, stale coffee cake. Thus suitably fed we walked a few yards along the road past the Grouse Inn, before entering a field full of Mole holes. There we carried on through the Longshaw estate before, rejoining Froggart. Given the amount of (how can we put this politely) fecal matter on the ground we did wonder whether dinosaurs still walked the earth, but the cause was eventually revealed as we passed through a small herd of shaggy long horned cattle (meaning we no longer needed to dwell on what passed through them). Then after Molly had posed for some edge photos we descended to the car, before returning home for tea.