Friday, 6 September 2013

Luther (rip)

Sadly Luther the big chocolate Labrador, passed away this week. Although he was Helen's dog, along with his sparring partner Molly he has for some years been a regular feature of this blog. Unfortunately old age (15) did start to catch up with him over the last couple of years. This meant he has been unable to come on any long walks with us, but instead stuck to his regular haunts and sniffs at the local park.
This picture of Luther in his prime was taken in 2009, somewhere in the Lake District.


  1. Sorry to see that Luther has passed to the Rainbow Bridge, but what a grand old age! I've enjoyed following his and Molly's treks, realising that he was not able to walk as far in recent times. Great memories for you. Jen and Ruby Xx

  2. Hi Jen and Ruby and thank you for your kind words, which I will of course pass on to Helen.

    It was very sad, but Luther did have a long and happy life.

    I do hope your canine partners are going strong, and am very pleased that you are still looking in on this blog every now and then.