Monday, 15 December 2008

Otford Circular – (Kent) – 14/12/08 – 7 miles approx – IVC + Helen.

Thankfully the rain that had blanketed most of the country the previous day was not in evidence for this walk, that also doubled as the IVC walking group’s Christmas party. Also along for the occasion was Helen whom I partially managed to convince, that this was an integral part of our Christmas themed weekend, that had been running since the Thursday evening.

Almost immediately out of Otford station we were faced with quite a considerable climb that took us up onto the North Downs. From there however we seemed to be negotiating a series of one muddy and puddly lane after another, with one particularly deep puddle overspilling into my boot. It was not too long however before we found ourselves coming back down from the Downs and heading for The Bell pub in Kemsing where we had a function room set aside for our Christmas celebrations. After some confusion which I brought into the day about what was happening re: the food, I had the fish and chips whilst Helen had the soup. Following which everyone present circulated assorted Satsumas, Mince Pies, Chocolates and other Christmas fare, before lunch time was rounded off with an assortment of Carols.

After coming out of the pub we found ourselves in the car park across the road being advised by a ‘three sheets to the wind’ local that we were going the wrong way. The only way however was up and back onto the North Downs, during which one of our party decided the climb was worth doing a second time, in order to get up close and personal with three guard dogs. Whilst there was obviously some variation to the route that took us to the pub, we eventually began to retrace it. The final part being a muddy and slippy considerable descent (formally known as the considerable climb) which took us back to Otford station. Upon arrival there we discovered we had missed the intended train and would instead have to wait for the next Victoria train scheduled for 1631, which arrived at 1621 (well I was confused anyway). Incidentally there were no photos as I forgot my camera, but given the overall gloom and mist of the day, that was probably no bad thing.

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