Sunday, 27 September 2009

Arundel to Amberley – (West Sussex) – 27/09/09 – 10 Miles – IVC.

Who knows maybe this was the last good day’s walking of the Summer, but after a nippy start leaving the house in the morning, by the time we all alighted at Arundel station a few hours later, it was immediately a case of sweatshirt off and sunhat on. As we set off through the town we caught a first glimpse of Arundel Castle which was to periodically crop up in the distance throughout the first half of the walk. As such the first half was a combination of small lanes, lush green fields, and rolling hills as we made our way along the Arun Valley. However given that I hadn’t seen some people for a few weeks, I did find myself getting a little caught up in various conversations rather than spending time looking around at the scenery.

So some four and a bit miles later we found ourselves in Burpham and at the George and Dragon pub. Given that this was a good turn out for IVC, it was a bit of a surprise that only three of us went into the pub, with then only two of us actually ordering any food (nothing was mentioned about bringing sandwiches in the flyer). That said I couldn’t really find anything on the menu I specifically fancied, and so settled for just a side order of chips and a bread roll (with a pint of lager of course). Mindful however that I may be missing out on all my food groups, I did have the chocolate brownie for dessert.

In the afternoon we found ourselves on a very steep climb up onto the South Downs, but with that one effort out of the way it was easy walking from that point onwards. As we walked along there was a succession of gliders being towed into the air by the one small light aircraft (probably a Cessna), who would then buzz off to go and get another one. I was a little puzzled as to why once released, the gliders seemed to float in very small circles. However it was explained to me that this was how they gained height. Also buzzing around was a couple of microlites.

After being entertained by the gliders for over an hour we eventually ended up on a small mound that had been the exclusive preserve of an elderly couple who had been sitting on it. The view was perhaps comparable to the one me and Helen had on Hallin Fell recently in the Lakes, only in this case you could see all the way to the North Downs in the hazy distance. As such I actually went as far as to dig my binoculars out of my rucksack, but ended up concentrating more on the gliders and Cessna. Anyway the elderly lady who had periodically kept turning round and glaring at us for sitting on her hill, eventually wanting to know were we on a walking holiday. When we replied that we just on a day walk, she then sneered at us and said: “Well why are you all wearing rucksacks then”.

Undeterred we continued on our way eventually coming off the South Downs and headed into Amberley. As we reached the station we still had half an hour before the train, and most people set off for afternoon tea. For once I decided not to join them as I was still feelling a little bloated from the Chocolate brownie dessert earlier. However we all regrouped on the platform in time for the 1719 train back to Victoria. So overall a scenic and easy days walking on the most perfect of late Summer’s days.

Walks since last blog entry: 1 x seven and a half miler – Grand Union Canal / Osterley Park.


  1. Looks like one I'll be doing in the near future! Beautiful pictures.

  2. Hi Diane

    Yes it really was a perfect late Summer's day.