Monday, 10 May 2010

Richmond Park Outer and Inner Loops – (via Richmond Station) – (Surrey) – 10/05/10 – 12.5 Miles – Myself

Is there anywhere more glorious to walk than Richmond Park on a sunny Spring day? Well of course there isn’t, I know that, you know that, stupid question really. Anyway there was a slight change to how I normally do this one, in so much as I started the walk from Richmond Station, and reached the Park via: Richmond Green, The Thames Towpath, Petersham Meadows, and finally entering the park via the gate by the Dysart Arms.

So nothing new to add here from my previous write ups around these parts. Lot’s of trees, lots of grass, lots of deer, and lots of other people out walking, cycling, pushing prams, and walking dogs. One of the things about this walk is that despite the popularity of the park, there are plenty of areas where you find yourself completely on your own (well certainly on a weekday). Lunch was again at the café next to the golf club, consisting of a sausage baquette and a bottle of orange juice (and yes that’s right there was no cake involved – are you listening Chesterfield ?).

Now there is a world of difference between walking at full throttle (as I was doing here), and the pace I am normally forced to go at with my walking group (bless em). In fact for a short period there was a (albeit elderly) jogger in front of me, who was unable to open up any sort of gap. This of course made me start to walk even faster, as I started to have visions of overtaking him, and then giving him a mouthful of verbal abuse just because I was faster (ha – only joking on that one). Anyway he turned off, so I was denied that small victory. However by the time I was back at Richmond Station, every muscle ached from the waist down, and I felt slightly ill, and borderline depressed (the way I used to feel in the good old days after a Half Marathon). Plus I had three small blisters to pop when I got home.

Anyway a great days walking, with the Sun out and the weather not resembling anything near chilly, that the weather-morons said it would be on the telly. By late afternoon it did eventually become overcast, but I still remained fully committed to my floppy hat.

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