Monday, 7 March 2011

Somersall / Stubbin Court (Circular) – (Derbyshire) – 05/03/11 – 7.75 Miles – Helen (Luther & Molly)

This being a walk that Helen had receed out on a previous occasion. Unfortunately on this occasion the weather was cold and wet, and it mainly consisted of trudging though mud. Anyway starting at Somersall, we worked our way through Walton Wood, past Stubbin Court, up to Stone Edge, and across Stanage golf course.

Actually up to that point the walk itself wasn’t too bad, save for the fact that Luther was becoming more and more distressed every time we came to a stile. Thus every time we tried to help him over, either his collar would come off in ones hand, or he would do his best to wriggle and whine away. So yes it is difficult to plan elderly dog walks in these parts, when you don’t know which stiles are dog friendly in advance.

Anyway the walk went downhill (literally) after we were sent packing trying to walk along a lane by the golf course, where apparently we shouldn’t have been. Thus our diversion consisted of a long and muddy descent through a wood, before we decided that we shouldn’t be there either, necessitating a long climb all the way back up it again. I’ve noticed with walking groups, that when a wrong route is taken, and ones steps have to be retraced, instead of everyone saying: ‘hip hooray, now we get an opportunity to do even more walking’, instead everyone gets really grumpy with the leader. Sadly I am of the same ilk.

Anyway from there on in it was a dreary two mile trudge along the side of roads, until we got home for coffee. Not the most enjoyable walk I have ever done by a long shot. Nevertheless it was still worth getting out the door for, and I certainly needed the exercise, being a bit light on walking activity over the last few weeks.

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