Monday, 20 February 2012

Black Rock (circular) – (Peak District) – Derbyshire – 18/02/12 – 6.64 Miles – Helen (Molly)

The first thing that hit us when we got out of the car park, overlooked by Black Rock, was that it was bloody cold in the breeze (never mind that deceptive winter sunshine). So given that I hadn’t been firing on all cylinders throughout the week, by the end of the walk the cold did eventually take its toll on me.

Still forgetting about me being the ‘old soldier’ for now, the walk began on what is the High Peak trail, which seemed to interlink for some way with the Tissington Trail. As we looked over and below to our left we could see Matlock Bath, the ruins of Riber Castle, and a moonscape of a quarry. Both of us were a little bothered by the cold, in a find an ‘out of sight place’ sort of way. But with that taken care of, we were amazed to see a run off point for engine wagons (called a catch) on the downwards trail, created for its previous incarnation as a railway line. We were then even more amazed to see it is still filled with overturned.

However having then passed some better preserved wagons (in a visitor centre sort of way) we arrived at High Peak junction, where we had lunch on one of the available benches. There we were joined on the table by a small doggie (Helen thinks terrier, I think Scottie) who was either very interested in what we were eating (Salmon roll) or Helen herself (they know a doggie person when they see one). Strangely enough Molly didn’t seem to pay this little scamp any notice at all. However with a group of ramblers having turned up on the other benches, our new doggie friend decided to head in their direction, before the ducks cornered all of their lunch box action.

We continued along the Cromford canal towpath, where it passes over the River Derwent, passing in the process Lea Wood Pump-house (open certain days at the year where you can witness canal and river exchanging fluids). Molly was then spooked by a train running underneath the canal, where it passes over the railway.

Our journey back to the start point was via Cromford Moor with Crich tower constantly in the distance as we made our way through various wooded and open areas. It did briefly rain on us (sleety) but fortunately I had a brolly, which I was prepared to let Helen hold for me. By this time I was seriously flagging (man-flu) and unusually was happy for Helen to be the one in front on the very steep climb towards the end of the walk that overlooked Wirksworth. Having reached (eventually) some of telecomm mast or other, we then began the descent back to the car, whilst having a few snaps of Black Rock. Speaking of which, apologies if the pix are a little grainier than normal, but I forgot my camera and had to use Helen’s.

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