Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Shepley to Stocksmoor – Yorkshire – 21/03/12 – 10 Miles – R’mblers

My second outing with Ramblers in 4 days and I was very surprised to see the numbers for a midweek outing, exceeding those on a Sunday, with the total somewhere around the 25 mark. The weather had cooled slightly but it was still a more than acceptable Spring day.

Anyway to quickly run through this one we started at Shepley, and continued en route through: Upper Cumberworth, High Flatts, Cheese Gate Nab, Hole Bottom, Stone Wood Dike, before finishing at Stocksmoor.

This was one of those walks where I did more chin wagging than looking around. However what I did notice were: the fine views from the high vantage points, a series of wind turbines that didn’t seem to be turning, and at the end a turkey that was already carrying his full Christmas weight.

Still chatting about football as we neared Stocksmoor station the leader had to remind us to get a move on, as the hourly train went at 1629 back to Sheffield, and it was already 1621. Once on the train though I was a bit concerned that I should have bought a one stop extension back to Shepley. However the cute train guard seemed keen to check everyone elses tickets whilst giving all of us ramblers a wide berth.

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