Friday, 11 May 2012

Fulwood (shops) to Low Bradfield – (South Yorkshire) – 09/05/12 – 12 Miles – R’blers

My first surprise of the day was how clogged up with traffic Sheffield was at a quarter to ten in the morning (although a broken down Stagecoach bus, may have had something to do with it). So another large 20+ group set off on a day where rain was promised, but except for one small interlude in the afternoon (see later photo) it never really materialised.
Anyway for the first half of this walk, this was as remote and wild an area as I can ever recall walking in, as we made our way via Porter Clough and Rud Hill. The ground was also very boggy/springy as we traversed Hallam Moors, and mindful of Monday’s mishap, I took as much care as I could with my footing. Our initial objective being Redmires Reservoirs which we eventually circumnavigated. Then following a very steep climb which spread the group out somewhat, we stopped for lunch in a carved out quarry (where I received a text asking me whether I had got out of bed).
The second half began on much flatter ground as we made our way through Hollow Meadows. Shortly afterwards the rain started to threaten, and in the process of having my rucksack in one hand, trying to get my waterproof out and chinwagging all at the same time, I managed to fall backwards/downwards from a stile (fortunately no damage done). When the rain did come it was all very brief and having immediately overheated in the mac, I took that off and resorted to my brolly.
We continued on via Cranshaw Lodge passing an interesting pumping station (1887) to eventually reach Dale Dyke Dam, the location of the Great Sheffield Flood in 1864 (see photo). From there the pace was upped somewhat to catch the bus in Low Bradfield (missed) although something eventually came which took us to Hillsborough interchange (where everyone dispersed) and from where I took a bus to Sheffield interchange.
This was a really excellent walk, in stunning wild countryside, done at a really good pace, with a friendly group. So what’s the problem ? Well the first thing I have to admit, is that I am really missing walking with IVC. The other thing with group walking (which often applied to IVC as well) is that you often just want to be silent and enjoy the walk scenery, yet find yourselves being forced to be more sociable than you really want to be (i.e. I prefer to be all walked out, not talked out). What also applies to walking groups as a whole, is that you wished there was more of a mixed demographic, so that you weren’t getting constantly battered by one perspective on the life cycle (anyway rant over). IVC really expended my walking horizons, and also gave me the confidence to walk further afield on my own, with a view to leading walks for them as a group. Therefore I am sure I will get over it, and in due course appreciate the undoubted benefits of this group as well.

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