Saturday, 25 August 2012

Curbar Gap (Circular) – Derbyshire – 22/08/12 – 4.5 Miles (approx) – Helen (Molly)

There is no better way to start any walk (including this afternoon one) than by first having an ice cream. Thankfully the car park at Curbar Gap has the requisite man with a van (but sadly no tune). However having set off in t-shirts with ice cream in hand, it was clear that those people around us were a little better kitted out. Thus no sooner then you can say ‘cats and dogs’ the rain started to come down, forcing us to hide under rocks, and pull on what jackets and brollies that were with us. To be fair Helen did say that it had been forecast, but the wet stuff quickly passed, leaving us to enjoy a bright sunny walk. For the record then, we started off at Curbar Gap and headed off along that towards Froggart Edge. Eventually we came down and had to do a small amount of road walking, where Helen was tempted to do her ‘lets play with the aggressive cattle’ trick. Thankfully I was wise to her cunning plan, and we stayed out on the road. So returning to our theme, we then headed back to Curbar Gap again via White Edge. The nice ice cream man was still hanging around the car park when we got there. Unfortunately we had run out of money, and decided not to test the true extent of his niceness, by asking him whether he did credit.

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