Friday, 7 December 2012

Monsal Head (Circular) – (Derbyshire) – 06/12/12 – 5.25 Miles – Helen (+ Molly)

Given that this walk has been covered on this blog on several occasions, I won't make a point of repeating myself too often. Suffice to say it was a cold and icy one. This was illustrated by Helen who immediately slipped over backwards, as she descended down from the steps at Monsal Head. As this was midweek, there were very few cyclists along the Monsal Trail, which allowed Molly to roam free for most of it. However it was far too flooded down by Water Cum Jolly to walk along the waters edge when we reached it, so we walked along the side of the hills looking down into the valley and the water below. Having linked up with the trail again we began the steep climb via Brushfield which eventually took us back along the viaduct, and up the steps again to Monsal Head. There Helen took some pictures of some geese we had met earlier who were noisily looking forward to Christmas. Walks since last blog entry: Chatsworth Circular: 4.75 Miles

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