Monday, 7 January 2013

Chatsworth (circular) - (Derbyshire) - 05/01/13 - 5.42 Miles - Helen (Molly)

Considering we are in January this was a very mild and sunny day, which would explain why so many people had the same idea as us to be out walking. So parking on the usual blind bend where all the other walkers do, we set off on the vast open spaces that make up some of the Chatsworth estate. Molly certainly seemed to have a extra pip in her stride, although she did her usual snooty female act whenever we encountered any other dogs. Having negotiated the gate that takes you into Stand Wood (which overlooks Chatsworth House), we made our way to the waterfall that may or may not supply all the electric and water display needs for the house (alright I can't remember what Helen said about this). Our half way point was the hunting tower, where we enjoyed our coffee and biscuits, and where Molly enjoyed a brief quarrel with a lady bulldog (the bitch). Now unusually for Helen this was pretty much an out and back ramble, but no less enjoyable for that. So with the GPS coming in at 5.42 miles, it was not a bad little stroll to start off 2013.

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