Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hope to Edale – (Derbyshire White Peak) – 06/08/13 – 8 Miles

Hello Blog long time no see. So where were we ? Well today was a little jaunt down the Hope Vally railway line (from Sheffield) to Hope, then walking on to Edale, before catching the train back to Sheffield.
Given that I had caught the 1214 from Sheffield, by the time I alighted from Hope, it was near lunch time and thoughts were turning to my M&S roll. So having found my path on the gradual ascent to Win Hill, I found a nice rock to sit on and have my snap (yes you Northern bastards, I am trying to learn the lingo). Yet no sooner had I done that then a vicious gang of bovine bullies had crept up behind me, shouting and making cat calls through a gate they were attempting to break down (when are the courts going to do something about this ?). Deciding that discression was the better part of valour, I gave them a one fingered salute, after taking their photo (should the police require evidence), and decided to have my snickers bar and orange carton elsewhere.
The descent up Win Hill was reasonably straightforward, after discovering my second choice of path was the one up to the trig point. The heather looked nice (of course) but not as purple as me and Helen have seen it in the past.
Following the descent all the way down past the plantation and along the Roman road, I eventually ended up at Hope Cross. After a little confusion with my instructions, I eventually picked up the path taking me down to Jaggers Clough, and then the path up to Nether Moor.
There then followed a long and scenic descent down to Clough Farm where I initially encountered some mountain bikers coming the other way, and then a whole herd of sheep being rounded up by someone on a quad bike. Continuing on I took at right at Ollerbrook farm before following a scenic route into Edale, where I managed to make the hourly 1630 train, with about 3 minutes to spare. An excellent day (which made me feel like I was on holiday) and first rate walk (which I will certainly be doing again).
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