Monday, 31 March 2014

High Peak / Roystone Grange Trail - Derbyshire - 29/03/11 - 6 miles - (20lb rucksack) - Helen (Molly)

This 6 mile ramble through the High Peak was taken from the local Reflections mag, which Helen gets delivered free, but I never seem to get a sniff off (despite being roughly the same postcode). So having parked at Minninglow car park (and given how long it takes us to ever get out the door for these things) we decided lunch was immediately in order and took advantage of the handy picnic tables. The weather was sunny and the skies were blue, but there was a distinct wind chill (especially if one was eating wearing short sleeves). However I planned to get warm quickly as I was revisiting an old idea of carrying 9 litres of bottled water in my rucksack, to give 20lb extra of resistance training.
Now the High Peak trail is a former (pre-Beeching) railway track that is shared by cyclists and walkers alike. Where we joined, it sweeps around two embankments (look past me in the photo), whilst up ahead you could see the inaccessible Minning Low mound. After passing a rusty crane, and taking the usual pit stops (not easy on such an exposed trail) we climbed over another mound which eventually led to us joining the Royston trail (part of an ancient drovers route). Along the way we passed an old pumping house (which required the usual investigation).
Having come though a signposted right of way through Roystone Grange Farm, some irresponsible person came driving towards us, with his collie dog running alongside his car, who immediately made a bee-line to Molly to start a fight. Now it is not unusual for Molly and other dogs to exchange a bark and a snarl, but this dog didn't want to leave it at that, and took some persuading to bugger off. Meanwhile its idiot owner, made the faintest of calls after his dog, and then just drove off.
Anyway after minninglow lane where we met some cyclists and trial motorcyclists, we climbed a nook, before we eventually rejoined the High Peak trail. As we approached the car we came through on what was once known as Gotham curve, which apparently was the tightest bend of any railway in Britain. So overall a different type of Peak District experience with a much flatter open sky, and all the more interesting for that.
2 walks since last blog entry (Chander Hill and Chatsworth/Beeley 5 mile circular) + 11 mile trans pennine circular (2 days since) with 20lb weighted rucksack.

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