Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dunnerdale (circular) - Lake District - 26/05/14 - 6 miles approx - Helen (Molly)

After parking in a friendly church car park (using the honesty box system) we followed the River Duddon, by virtue of climbing some huge tumbled boulders along the side of Wallowbarrow Crag. Finally the walking pole which I got for Christmas, made its walking debut, with Helen using it for ascents, and myself for descents. Speaking of which the near lethal descent back down to the river was obviously not the one they meant on the 'Country Walking' route plan. No matter as once we reached the river again we decided to have our lunch on the rivers edge, not before taking some photos (don't I look spiffing)
Unfortunately that decision was to have a big effect on the rest of the week for me. On our way out of the door, somehow the insect repellent had been missed, and sitting at those rocks having our lunch, found us also providing lunch for countless midges/mosquitoes.
Once on our way again we picked up the relevant path, crossing a tributary before finding ourselves in a deforested area alongside Long Crag, which we struggled to negotiate. However having eventually crossed the River Duddon, and Troutal Farm, the valley and views opened up once more giving us a scenic route back to the car at Seathwaite.
On the drive home Helen decided to take a near suicidal route back over Hardknott Pass. Although my life flashed in front of me several times, she did have a good reason, which was to enable us to visit the former Roman fort there. Whether this was one of the best or worst postings in the Roman army, probably depended on whether you were stationed there in the Summer or Winter.

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