Thursday, 7 July 2016

Brimington to Heath to North Wingfield (Chesterfield Round Walk: parts 2 and 3) - 07/07/16 - 10 Miles

No prizes for spotting the mobile phone transmitter in Brimington.
Crossing a footbridge into the ancient West Wood.
The ruins of Sutton Scarsdale Hall.
Bolsover Castle in the far distance, but visible from Sutton Scarsdale Hall, so I imagine their must have been a historical relationship between the two centres.
Lama's are taking over the countryside now.
This way to Heath.
Itchy arms time.
The church at Heath.
View over Williamthorpe Ponds (nature reserve) which is on the site of the former colliery of the same name, and part of the five pits trail.
Well if you don't believe me, read the notice board.

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