Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Edale to Hope (via Grindsbrook Clough/Kinder Plateau/Ringing Roger/Hope Cross/Win Hill) - Derbyshire (Dark Peak District) - 07/09/16 - 12 Miles (approx)

Heading up Kinder once more, via Grindsbrook Clough.
A rather humid day to start with.
Given the amount of scrambling required on the ascent, I felt it was important to maintain my focus.
The view from the canteen.
For the second time in three weeks I abandoned the planned descent down to Jaggers Clough, due to the suicidal nature of it (well for me anyway)
The initial plan wasn't to be heading for Win Hill, but on this occasion I decided to adapt, improvise and .............
Hope Cross, where I decided that I would just miss the hourly train at Edale, and therefore decided to head back to my start point at Hope Station.
Rather than completely summit Win Hill, I decided to take this path around the side of it.
That was a mistake, even though the views over Hope were initially good. However a locked barbed wire gate on a signed path, meant I was taken at least a mile out of my way, and forced to descend on a series of roads back to Hope.

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