Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Curbar Edge to Upper Burbage to Padley Gorge – Peak District - Day 2 - (Derbyshire) – 04/05/08 – 13 miles – M&M IVC.

Unfortunately the morning started at the YHA with a bit of horror story. Thus two of our party who had forsaken the delights of YHA accommodation for a very local pub’s B&B (to avoid any liable claim you will have to work it out for yourself), had apparently received a very aggressive reception when popping up for breakfast. I wasn’t there so can’t really comment, except to say that after some later rearranging of mattresses, Bretton YHA found itself with two extra residents.

Our walk started with a drive to Curbar Edge, a stunning elevation which sweeps over the River Derwent. The other thing starting around that time however was the rain, with on and off waterproofs becoming a consistent feature of the day. Lunch consisted of a very early stop at Longshaw tea rooms (eating outside in the rain I hasten to add), where if the local sheep are not close enough to be seen, wooden ones are thoughtfully provided (pictured).

Suitably sustainised we moved on to Upper Burbage Valley and yet more stunning views. Something of a rocky climb later and we were on top of an outcrop dating back somewhere between 2500 and 3500 years ago called Carl Wark. Apparently this was once considered to be some type of hill fort but that is now considered unlikely. There then followed something of a lively discussion concerning what was the correct and safest way down (slippy wet rocks not helping matters) before we were on a way again and competing factions converged below. It was then on to Padley Gorge and subsequently Haywood, skirting past my old Grindleford stomping ground, only stopping at various forks in the road, so that our leader Alan could catch up and tell us which way to go. After yet another encounter with a lady on a horse, this time for once someone else not being sure where they were going, we eventually made it back to the Curbar Edge car park, having long since given up on putting the waterproofs back on or off.

The weekend was bookended on the Monday, with a 3 mile walk with Helen along the Lineacre reservoir/s on another perfect and sunny day.

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