Friday, 17 October 2014

Stalled Blog (or perhaps the closing down sale)

Well it's been a bit quiet on here since July you may well be saying, but you would be only partially right. Thus there has been zero blogging, but an awful lot of walking. In fact me and Helen (and Molly) have had some great walks around the Peak District during this period, including Ladybower reservoir, Chatsworth, the Monsal Trail and countless others. I have also done a National Trust working holiday in September, which included a circular walk around Arundel (with the castle as backdrop along the way). The problem unfortunately is that I have done all of these walks before (including the Arundel one), and have just run out of new things to say about them. Thus having begun this blog on 19/04/08, I have reached a point where I don't think I can carry on with it in it's present form.
I have wrestled for some time with the best way forward with this. I have considered only blogging brand new walks, but that would then give a false impression of how much walking one actually does. Also I don't want to get caught in some cycle where one is going further and further afield in order just to find new walks for this blog, when we have so many great ones that we like to repeat (often in different seasons and weather conditions). I have also considered moving it onto Twitter, but think maybe the format of one picture + one sentence, is far too limiting. I have even thought of expanding it (again via twitter) into a larger blog featuring all the cultural things that we do up in these parts, but do wonder at what point does that become 'look at me and all the wonderful places I go to, and things that I do'. Also I have always been a computer person, and think twitter is more for the mobile phone junkies among you.
So for now the blog has got the closing down posters on the window, whilst the decision on whether to re-open, move to new premises, or board the whole thing up completely is still being made.


  1. Stopping a blog because you've "just run out of new things to say" would make you unique in the history of the internet.

    Have you considered Moblog as an alternative? It doesn't have to be done through a mobile, and gives you the flexibility to post a picture (or a few in one go) with as little or as much text as you like. Mine's currently in a slightly odd state, but it gives you an idea.

  2. I must admit I only come on here intermittently, having found you when looking for a dog friendly pub while sailing into Lulworth Cove a few years ago. Whilst we will miss coming and discovering your latest jaunts in various parts of the country, maybe you have other things to spend your time on.

    I'm a facebook person myself rather than Twitter, but would bother to find your adventures on Twitter if that is the way you go. Good luck in your doggy dawdles.

    Jenny and Ruby &Co

  3. Hi Jenny and Ruby

    Thanks for still looking in. Molly sends you both an appreciative bark.

    I do have a few ideas on how to continue, but have yet to nail it down on this format and on what to put in and leave out. I will certainly update here first with whatever way it goes.

    Hope all is well with yourselves and you are doing some good walking as well.


    1. We don't walk as far as we used to as Ruby is 14 now, but we still manage a trot along our local green and have been to the woods at Ruislip today. Still have adventures, just not such long ones!