Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Hello everyone and after some thought about the way forward with this blog, I have decided it is time to get started again. As such this blog (which I hope other people like to look into) is foremost a personal record of the walks that I/we do. However the idea of having to come up with witty commentary and anecdotes (was it ever I hear you say) at the end of a long day's walking, had become too much of a chore. Especially when all one really wanted to do was upload some photographs. Well from here on in that is exactly what I am going to do. Therefore every walk (minus taking the dog around the local park and fields) will consist of between one and five captioned photos. I hope you (continue to) enjoy.


  1. Good move. Do your blog how you want to. Interesting to see different parts of the country for good walks when on our travels. Sadly our lovely Ruby died just before Christmas, aged 14 and a quarter. She loved her walks and was still chasing squirrels a week before we had to say goodbye.
    Of course we can now go for longer walks and I'm sure in time there will be another furry friend to accompany us.

  2. Hi Jen

    So sorry to hear about Ruby, but it sounds like she was enjoying life, right up to her time. It's the sad side of having a pet, of course. However they give us so much, it is of course worth it.

    Molly is still going strong, although the long walks take it out of her a little more than in the past (i.e. sleeps for the rest of the evening).

    Anyway I am pleased you are still looking in, and hope you enjoy the more photo driven style

  3. Thank you for your kind words. She certainly had some adventures with us, coming with us on nearly every family holiday, sailing in the Solent and along the South Coast as far as the Helford River. On one occasion flying to Alderney so we could then sail round the Channel Islands. I spent last summer at home with her as she was a bit wobbly and I didn't want any mishaps on the boat, which I am so glad I did as we had a lovely summer of cuddles. It meant I didn't have a holiday but no regrets.