Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Kinder Scout from Edale - Derbyshire (Peak District) - 17/08/16 - 8 Miles (approx)

The Old Nags Head pub in Edale; official start of the Pennine Way.
Sticking with the paved path on the left, this seemed a nice easy ascent to the plateau.
However it eventually turned into an all fours scramble.
Once on the plateau (and despite my GPS), I consistently struggled to either find my path, or stay on my path.
For instance having admired this interesting cairn, I then discovered I was heading in the wrong direction (which would not be the last time).
After faffing on wrong paths for an hour at my summit point, I eventually got on track. However the stress over this, detracted from the outstanding scenery and view (such as The Great Ridge in the distance).
Some three hours in, I was confident enough of where I was going to stop and have lunch.
That confidence was ultimately shattered, when I got to a point on my route where I couldn't find the correct path. So although I did approx 8 miles in total, this ended up being only half of the planned route, with the distance made up by constantly retracing paths, or by drifting off onto completely different ones.

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