Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Stone Edge to Barlow Common Side to Unstone - (Chesterfield Round Walk: parts 5 and 6) - 03/08/16 - 11.25 Miles

The path from Stonehay Farm down to the river Hipper.
From the top of the Hipper Valley looking into Chesterfield.
My lunch stop (apparently people often have Coffee and biccies here).
The road to Lineacre (is that a film ?).
The reservoir keeps a giant bar of chocolate on standby, for passing walkers.
Monk Wood in Dronfield, shares the Chesterfield Round Walk with the Dronfield Rotary 2000 one.
The sunken tunnel of Holly.
Nearing the end, as Unstone is on the horizon.
The final descent to Unstone.

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