Monday, 2 July 2012

Houlsyke (Circular) – North Yorkshire – 23/06/12 – 8.1 Miles – Helen (Molly)

Our first full day in North Yorkshire found us doing an afternoon door to door walk from our rented cottage. The idea being to circumnavigate the great big hill/mound (apparently known as Head) that was in the valley below us. This involved a certain amount of road walking, passing Little Fryup and Great Fryup before picking up a path by/through Crag Wood and Danby Crag, on what was an unsettled and variable day. This was not a walk without incident. Thus we found ourselves being hassled/intimidated by two separate groups of cows. Also: Molly bashed her head chasing a rabbit, Helen lost her coat and had to retrace her steps to find it, and we ended up having to do a ridiculous scramble when a OS marked path failed to materialise.

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