Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Kildale (Circular) – North Yorkshire – 27/06/12 – 6.5 Miles (approx) – Helen (Molly)

Having slightly missed our intended start point, due to a gate we weren’t sure about going through, we eventually parked somewhere in upper Kildale. This turned out to be perfect as it took us on a nice gentle climb up to Captain Cook’s Monument. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t sure what it’s intentions for the day were, so on a couple of occasions on the climb we put the waterproofs on and off. Once at the monument the weather decided it was raining after all. So it was agreed that this was as good a place as any to have an early lunch, due to the monument giving us some bit of shelter. From there the view of our later objective, Rosebury Topping, came in and out of the mist. Once eaten we descended towards it and arrived at a car park at Cribdale Gate. A short climb later and we found outselves on a long trek towards Rosebury Topping with a wall on our left. Here the rain decided to chuck it down a bit harder, however by the time we passed through a gate, meeting another couple who seemed a bit off-route, the weather dried up. . The climb to the summit was actually shorter then it looked but quite sharp with it. Once up there and sitting on the edge we looked towards what we assumed was Middlesborough, whilst not looking down too much lest it induced vertigo. Having descended, and met and mutually ignored a group of ramblers at our earlier gate, we turned left picking up the Cleveland Way again. During the course of which we were buzzed by a low level fighter. Then an elderly walker with his black lab gave us some directions, at yet another Pillar box (Germans in North of England invasion horror). . A long and muddy descent towards a farm followed by a very steep climb up a road which took us back to the car. The weather meanwhile was improving all the time, thus by the time we drove over to Saltburn for a run about on the beach, it was a beautiful summer afternoon.

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