Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ravenscar (Circular) – North Yorkshire – 25/06/12 – 8 Miles (approx) – Helen (Molly)

Following a brief look into the National Trust information centre at Ravenscar we picked up the Cleveland Way with our half way destination, Robin Hoods Bay, clearly visible. The path was somewhat muddy/slippy at this point but: the view was breathtaking, the sounds of the Sea and Gulls soothing, and the air was a fresh and salty tonic. After passing some sort of Pillar box (will those Germans ever give it up) we eventually worked ourselves down onto the beach. Molly was having a whale of a time, whilst not entirely sure what to make of it. There was also a certain amount of slippy stones to navigate, so we didn’t end up separated from the beach by more inland water. . Presently we found ourselves at Robin Hoods Bay (you know, the one where Wainwrights Coast to Coast starts or finishes). Here the priority was to get lunch, but found a lot of what might be on offer was shut due to it being a weekday (in June ?). Anyway we eventually picked a café where we had two x fish and chips and one glass of apple juice, which was 40p short of twenty quid (staycation anyone). What made matters worse was that it looked like one portion of chips had been shared between the two meals. So following an ice cream from the van on the beach we set off back towards Ravenscar again. My energy levels had severly dipped at this point, either due to dehydration or the recent exertions on the Brecon Beacons. Anyway soon after lunch I needed a twenty minute kip on a bench. That didn’t necessarily revive me, and I did struggle along our return. This was exclusively on a disused rail track, taking us all the way back to the car. Along the way Helen bought some Thyme from the honesty box at an adjacent farm, and I got upset with my GPS after it appeared to switch itself off for no reason

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