Saturday, 19 April 2008

Chesterfield, Bakewell, Chatsworth circular – (Derbyshire) – 03/04/08 – 6 miles approx – Helen, Luther and Molly

A beautiful Spring Day, grassy open fields and three of my favourite people to accompany me (well two are canine actually). Luther seemed quite happy for me to put his lead on and off for him, even if the occasional sniffing stops were sharp and sudden. Our first objective being Bakewell for a pub lunch of fish and chips, enjoyed by two of our party, whilst the other two watched and barked at the passing trade. Following which I took the opportunity to buy some real zip on waterproof overtrousers, at one of Bakewell’s outdoor clothing stores.
The second half saw us push on to the outskirts of Chatsworth House’s grounds, with the dogs enjoying a swim. Despite the brightness it was one of those days where you are down to a T-shirt whilst moving, but soon reaching for warmer coverings once you had come to a stop. Latterly we retraced most of our steps, to find the car. This being the first outing for the new boots, which proved remarkably blister free and comfortable, but with the waterproof reason for buying them still to be tested.

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