Saturday, 19 April 2008

Snowdon – (Snowdonia) – 04/05/07 – 3,560 ft – Helen

My second attempt at the Snowdon summit, in little over eight months, and still no mention in any New Year’s Honours. This expedition being me and Helen’s official reason for being (whatever it is we are). So on a beautiful 70 degree day, we caught the bus outside our Llanberis B&B, which took us all the way to the car park at Pen Y Pass. The ascent up the Pyg Track (again) was memorable as much for the things that we revealed to each other (surprised we didn’t then push each other off the edge), than it was for the stunning scenery. There was also a small selection of hang gliders hovering away in the distance to give all those mountains a better sense of scale. Upon reaching the summit we passed the other way the young couple and baby, who we had been sharing our breakfasts with at the B&B.

Unlike my last time up, it was a beautiful and clear day, which revealed the summit had far more width, than the zero visibility needle point I felt I was clinging to back in September. We were able to sit down (along with everyone else), have some refreshments, promise little titbits to the passing seagulls, all the while admiring the view.

The descent was down the Llanberis Path, which although is the easiest/flattest way, was very slippy in sections underfoot. This was eventually too much for Helen who decided to give up the ghost, and have one of her outdoor sleeps (pictured). The train itself seemed to be of a similar mind as it was only going half the distance. The beauty of the Llanberis path however was that it led us all the way back to our B&B in town.

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