Saturday, 19 April 2008

Derby Dales - (Derbyshire) – 12/09/07 – 6 miles approx – Helen

Oh dear oh dear oh dear, this being one of those days when you’re body is under the weather but your brain and senses haven’t quite caught up with the news. Two clues however were: that I seemed to be talking gibberish most of the day, and having climbed a hill after lunch I was pouring so much sweat I became mister bare chest (pictured) for an hour or so. This being something I never ever ever do, no matter how hot it gets (and it was humid but not excessively warm).
Anyway after a short walk to start off with, we had fish and chips at the pub, and then took on a fairly steep, but not unmanageable hill. The walk however then continued in a very irritating fashion, with me always trailing behind Helen, constantly plagued by flies, and having to have a frank exchange of views with an over aggressive cow. That said I did finish okay, and it wasn’t until we were driving down the road again when suddenly I felt faint and experienced what seemed like a massive drop in blood sugar, as well as a bit of a stomach eruption. There followed a rather tense hour or more, before I recovered sufficiently for Helen to get me on the train. Helen is convinced I was dehydrated (because there is no water in a pint of lager you see), whereas I am convinced I was just under the weather.

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