Saturday, 19 April 2008

Cribyn (unconfirmed) – (Brecon Beacons) – Nov 05 – 2,608 ft - N/Trust w/hol

I am guessing that this was Cribyn, or at least some of it, based on the clues in Wikipedia, which said that it starts on the opposite side of the car park that takes you up to Pen Y Fan. As such our three man working holiday walking party that consisited of Moi, elderly Morris Dancer and the gorgeous Louise, set off walking from the basecamp, reaching the car park early on.

On the ascent I decided to push on ahead firstly due to Morris Dancer stopping every 30 seconds to share/impart some new and interesting fact, and also because the footing was a little chancy, and I could see myself tumbling off the edge whilst trying to impart competing facts to impress Louise.
An early highlight in the day was when Louise had brought me a cup of Tea whilst I was still in my bunk at the basecamp (no doubt to encourage me to get up). I didn’t have the heart to say at the time that I didn’t drink Tea. Anyway later on during the walk I decided to thank her again, at which point she sweetly said “that’s alright darling, but that’s as good as it is ever going to get I am afraid”.

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