Sunday, 27 April 2008

Reigate / North Downs Circular - (Surrey) - 27/04/08 - 10 miles approx - IVC

As is now to be expected on a Sunday there was the usual engineering works taking place. In this instance however the replacement bus between Redhill and the Reigate start point went suprizingly smoothly.

The walk began with a steep and virtually straight climb on to the North Downs, by which point one had begun to appreciate what a muggy and humid day it was. So when the first of the expected showers came (which came and went all day) at least it removed that element from the weather. The rain also provided a test for my new full zip up leg waterproof trousers, which had cost me £40 a few weeks back. Unfortunately they proved a lot harder to put on quickly in actual combat conditions than they did in the shop, and I am yet to be convinced that they would keep the rain out any better than the £7 ones I bought from Tesco's.

However within sight of the Blue Ball pub, the rain miraculously ceased, as if it knew we were going indoors. I decided to have a ham baguette, my usual pint of Cider, and a side order of chips. Thus to my chagrin, my side order of chips arrived, along with with a whole load more chips that automatically came with with the baguette. I know these glasses aren't as good as they once were, but thanks for pointing that one out anyway Mr Barman. In the event however, it gave me something to fill up on, as the baguette (especialy the melted cheese part) left something to be desired.

More showers and on and off waterproofs for the second half, found us going through a pretty bluebell wood (pictured), before finally heading for the finishing point at the top of Reigate Hill. As we approached that we quickly passed Reigate Fort (National Trust property), unfortunately we didn't have time to explore that, if we were to finish off with a slice of cake and coffee, and make the hourly replacement bus service. Another day perhaps as Coffee and cake must always come first.

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