Saturday, 19 April 2008

Stanstead Mountfitchet to Newport Essex – (Essex) – 16/03/08 – 9 miles approx – IVC

My first walk with IVC for nearly four months, and a rather muddy affair it was too. Enjoyable all the same though and the threatened severe rain never materialised, with the forces of nature content to stay with a windy mizzle. Unfortunately the whole pub lunch thing went wrong for me, as I correctly guessed beforehand that getting both the wet boots off, along with the caked mud pretend waterproof overtrousers would be a non starter. So planning ahead for once I bought a sandwich and bits, back at the station. However it was too cold to eat outside, and I didn’t want to be traipsing mud around the pub ordering food, so was left to furtively eat my sarnie, whilst all around were getting meals served up. Definitely last chance saloon for both the workboots and pretend waterproof overtrousers.

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