Saturday, 19 April 2008

Seaton to Sidmouth coastal path (Devon) – May 03 - 10 miles approx – N/Trust w/hol

Same working holiday as the previous walk, this one was put together for our day off by two crazy old gits who were both: hard core walkers, and the life and soul of this particular holiday. Basically we drove to Sidmouth, parked in the supermarket car park, and then got the pre-booked taxi to take us on to Seaton. The plan being of course to follow the coastal path all the way back to the car park. Also in the party was Belgium Diane, who by the most cosmic of unexplained coincidences, had also booked this particular working holiday.

So what can I say other than this walk was pure pleasure, and hopefully the photos give some idea of that. Of course I had been to the seaside many times as a kid, but on this particular day I seemed very awed by the sheer power and constant motor of the Sea. Strangely however the photos don’t reflect how sunny it all was, and I was a little bit under the weather the following day due to being slightly burnt.
The other thing was at the time of this holiday, I was at the fag end of my 20 year running career (down to plodding round the odd four miler). So I was more than a little surprised to find that walking could be an aerobic activity itself, especially when we were constantly going up and down cliffs.

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