Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Ridgeway, Swindon section – (Wiltshire) – 08/03/08 – 3 miles approx – Helen, Brian, Michael and Murphy

Far less a walk of substance and more like a preview of the Wiltshire Downs. Unfortunately this was one of those real bitter days where the wind slices straight through you. Thus up on the exposed Ridgeway, and without a jumper or normal fleece lining under my jacket, I was looking forward to the finish from the start. The highlight though was when we retraced our steps to walk along the grassy edge of what was Barbury Castle. According to the Contours holiday brochure, The Ridgeway is an 85 mile ancient track established by prehistoric man with a large number of Iron Age forts along the route. Still I suppose they were used to the cold in those days.

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