Saturday, 19 April 2008

Craflwyn walks 1 & 2 – (Snowdonia) – 22/11/07 – 5 & 2 miles approx – N/Trust w/hol + Helen

This morning walk was led by working holiday leader Doug, who took us around various paths in the Snowdonia region (sorry I can’t be more specific, but I promise to pay attention next time). Throughout the morning the rain was teeming down, the upside of that being it really brought out the colour of the scenery (hopefully the photos show that). Helping out Doug was his trusty assistant (whose name I have forgotten) and his mental dog Flynn (how come I can remember the name of the dog ?)

The afternoon saw a much smaller party consisting of: Moi, Teletubbies Emma and Thomas, Doug, Helen, Aussie Raymond, and Dougs assistant (whose name I still forget) setting off from the Craflwyn basecamp. Doug’s big thing is ancient legends and the like, and he showed us the very spot where Welsh dragons used to hang out, and where Wales itself was invented, apparently.

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